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Ben Sun (LC Racing) – Interview

(MRC) thanks for taking the time for chatting with us,

(LC) Thank you for giving us the chance being here. We hope that microcarracer.com will be a success.

(MRC)  LC Racing.. You are the new guys on the scene, where did it all begin? What made you decide you wanted to get into creating RC cars in the ‘Micro’ scale?

(LC) As you know that Batan made servos since 2003, all the owners of the company are crazy about racing RC cars. It is one of our dream to have our own racing car for ourselves and also for users who serious about racing. And finally In 2012, we got a top engineer and designer to group up a R&D team to make one of our dream come true. To enter the market, we need to find a place which has less competition, therefore we see 1/14 micro scale is a new and not many players. So this is how we end up producing the EMB-1 buggy.

(MRC) Batan have been around since 2003, over 10 years now, are there any plans to make Batan a more common brand within the UK RC scene or will you stick with LC Racing for all your products?

(LC) For now, we will stick with LC racing off road cars, however, the UK market will also be a important place for us to be so as Batan servos.


(MRC) Schumacher Racing distribute the kits here in the UK, did you find them specifically to sell in Great Britain or did they find you?

 (LC) We find Schumacher specifically, because they are well known and very serious about racing. We want to take this opportunity to thank Schumacher for believing in our products.

(MRC) The EMB-1 piloted by Andy Jones has had a fantastic year at the Micro Nationals this year, he only narrowly missed out on the championship win. How excited are you to see your cars slowly increasing in popularity throughout the last season and almost coming away with the win?

(LC) We are very excited and grateful to see the achievement by Andy Jones and inform the world by facebook and share many detail with other LC Racing drivers as well.

(MRC) Further to the above Andy had a great win in the recent Swedish Micro Challenge and Rob West picked up LC Racings first win in the UK, this must be great for you to see?

(LC) Great drivers, And we are thinking how to award our winners.

(MRC) Will we ever get the pleasure of hosting you in the UK so show you how we race these little cars?

(LC) We will be very happy to host a race in UK, how do we arrange it? By the way, we are hosting a first LC racing cup race event in Shenzhen China at April 27th. It is a outdoor carpet off road track, I am sure it will be a fun event.

(MRC) When you designed the EMB did you have racing in mind or were primarily you designing a platform that could spawn many different models from?

(LC)  We actually have both racing and platform in mind when we start the design of the EMB series. Being a platform will help as a company to cover more markets, and making a racing quality product will give us a great reputation in the market. We fought almost every day during the designing and producing stage of the buggies. We are glad that people like the product and it was worth the fight.

(MRC) What’s next for LC? Is there an EMB-1.2 on the way or any hop up parts that you can tell us about?

(LC) We are definitely going for EMB-1.2, hopefully will come out next year. And later this year we hope that the 1/20 scale cars will be ready for the market. For 1:10 scales, it is also one of our dreams, we are already designing 1:10 scale, we hope that if everything goes well we can release it in early 2016. Be sure to check the news on microcarracer.com guys.

(MRC) Carisma are the big boys on the block at the moment in the UK with their very popular GTB, are you looking to seriously muscle in on their territory over the next few years? J

(LC) Carisma is a great company, they also make very good products. We hope that both company will work hard and make the micro scale racing bigger and hopefully make the way to have a world championship.

(MRC) Finally, there are quite a few racers in the UK that sport Beards or other facial hair, if one of these racers applied to become an LC Racing driver would you:

(a)    Read through their achievements, find a bit more about them and make the judgment based on their ability.

(b)   Ignore them until they shaved it off?

(c)    Offer them a drive based on their achievements because beards are cool and only a real man can grow one?  (clue- not this one)

(LC)Sorry, should I pick the last one?


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