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Thumbs Designs – Development Car – Under the lid

I finally got the time to finish the small write up on the Thumbs Designs (AKA Craig Harris) Development Car and as you can see from these pictures its been highly modified from the standard car.

The first thing you notice when you take the AirStryke shell off is all the orange! Its everywhere. Once you’re over that you will start to pick out the details, there are lots of parts on the car that are available right now from the Thumbs Designs website that we’ve seen before like the steering linkage, heat sink for the motor mount, shock towers and the 4 pole Leopard 5200kv motor but its when you look a little closer that you start to spot the development and new release parts.

The Carbon Battery Strap

Its been designed to firmly hold in place hard case Intellect Lipos but it could easily hold in place most of the popular soft cell Lipos you may have. Its a simple fit, simply swap out the old strap and replace it for this one and looks trick!

Carbon Top deck and Chassis

We’ve all seen carbon chassis kits for the GTB in the past, they’ve been option parts since the car came out, however this one is a little different. The upgrade carbon chassis that is currently available is too stiff and removes too much flex so Craig has been busy developing his own. This part is still in development so I can’t really say much at the moment other than he should have something to show us over the next few months once he’s finished testing.

The Top Deck is something new that we’ve not seen before, Craig has 3d printed stand offs above the steering and rear motor mounts to raise the deck up enough so that it can be attached from one gearbox to another in one piece instead of having those additional plastic pieces with the body mounts on. Its a clever idea and not only does it look very cool the extra height means you have an easier time of fitting your radio gear in keeping it all as low down in the chassis as possible, Craig normally uses Hobbywings Xtream Stock as its small enough to fit between the motor and servo and also packs enough punch being a 60a unit to cope with the demands he puts upon it. The symmetrical screw points also help with the flex characteristics ensuring they are the same left to right compared to the old top deck.

New Motor Mount

Craig’s car has the new motor mount from Carisma on it that has been designed to allow the use of larger can 28mm motors, hence why you can see the 5200kv Leopard motor attached to this car. Part number for this new motor mount I’m told is 15255 and it will be available UK over the next couple of weeks.

Hinge Pin Holders

If you look closely you will spot that the hinge pin holders on this car are not the standard plastic items but are the new Ali parts that will be available soon in the UK. I’m told they won’t be cheap though.

Other parts of interest with part numbers

  • Thumbs Design uprated steering link bar (unavailable to buy at the moment)
  • Thumbs Designs Layshaft upgrade and slipper pads
  • Thumbs Designs Rubber Shielded Bearings
  • RW Racing Pinion and Spur Gear.
  • 15236 gear diff conversion set
  • 14939 x2 ball cup set (for white ARB sroplinks)
  • 15195 TiN hingepins set
  • 15216 aluminium front suspension arm brace – outside
  • 15217 aluminium front suspension arm brace – inside
  • 15218 aluminium rear suspension arm brace – inside
  • 15219 aluminium front suspension arm brace – outside 2.5 degree
  • 15321 airstrike bodyshell and wing set

There are so many little tweaks and upgrades to this car that I’d be here all day listing items and pointing things out but if you have a specific question about anything you can see then post a question under the topic in the Forum and Craig will answer himself.

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