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Tony Bishop – In his words…

MRC – So Tony, 4 National events down and top of the leader board. It’s great to see you really putting the pressure on at the top to mix things up a bit but what have you been taking this year?

TB – It’s been a lot of testing, a good setup, confidence, luck and help from my sponsors, after last year anything is an improvement!! It’s great back at the sharp end though, I always had the pace but this year I’ve not been making silly mistakes!

MRC – So why do some of the lads call you the Bish Train then? Is this something we can discuss on here? tot tot

TB – It came from a joke at the 1/10th indoor finals at Hereford,I called Andy Jones a Caboose as In practice he was running behind everyone, then Stu Mac decided to name me the ‘Bish Train’ as I have everyone following me

MRC – Anyone else you can think of we should be watching or perhaps the sponsors should be watching for next season?

TB – My old friend Andrew Funge who joined the Micro circus last year, always very quick, Ben Young, I’ve been very impressed with some mature drives at such a young age, Gavin Williams, he’s been so unlucky not to make an A Final yet and Morgan Rham really quick needs some luck.

MRC – You’ve been racing for Carisma now for the last few seasons, are you planning on switching to another manufacturer or are you going to continue to champion the GTB?

TB – No plans on switching to any other manufacturer, with the help I get from Ivan, Cml and the rest of the team I’m very happy to stay where I am.

MRC – When you are not playing with toy cars what do you do to while away the hours when there is no racing?

TB – no racing what’s that??! , spending as much time with Kay and the dogs.

MRC – So if you had to put those activities in order of preference which one comes after Kay, the dogs or rc? (not that I’m saying Kay is an activity but you know what I mean.)

TB-RC of course lol, normally I have the dogs with me, they love our outdoor track at Telford, lily spends most of the time running after the cars

MRC – Who or what inspired you to come Micro racing in the first place?

TB – I saw the race report from the 1st ever micro national, recognized some names, then went to round 4 with Andy Jones and was impressed with what I saw. The cars looked so much fun to drive so I went out and bought a car and the rest is history!

MRC – You are also well known on the UK 10th National circuit, what have been you greatest results there?

TB – I Finished 13th overall in 2003 making it into 2 national A Finals and have been Multi time 2nd place at the F2 finals lol
Also I’ve been Border Counties league champion and Radio Race Car Champion

MRC – Where would you like to see the Micro scene evolve to over the next few years?

TB – I think we have the micro scene in a good place right now, a little tinkering here and there but it’s all good.

MRC – For our readers that don’t know, Tony’s wife Kay is our travelling caterer for the Micro Nationals. She follows the series with her van supplying us with fresh pizza, bacon and sausage sandwiches and hot drinks where ever we are. If my other half did that I’d be the size of a house, how do you maintain your skinniness? :)

TB –LOL a great personnel trainer ( Kay’s other profession) running, walking the dogs , always keeping busy,

MRC – This year we’ve had a few famous RC racers turn up at Micro Events. Famous RC world names like Craig Dresher turned up at Dudley to have a look and Ellis Stafford joined in at Watford. Who would you like to see come and have a go in a man crush kind of way?

TB – I don’t know, there’s so many great drivers around, the last time I talked someone into doing Micros was Phil Sleigh and look what happened there?!

MRC – Will we be seeing you at this year MicroX rumoured to be in September?

TB – I’ll be there!! It’s a great weekend, so much fun just need not to hit the camera man this time!

MRC – One final question. Do you have an embarrassing story about any of the other Micro National regular that you’d like us to find out more about?

TB-Lots!!! but nothing I can tell hear, what happens at racing stays racing

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